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I have said more than once that this diary is written for no audience. Who reads and does not read is of no concern to me, as I write, ultimately, for myself. The opinions I hold and the words I choose to express them with are expressed as I choose and I refuse to change a single bit of it, regardless of whether I have stepped on toes. I am not politically correct and I am not out to please anyone, particularly those who would remain faceless to me, in whose presence I have not been.

If you choose to play the role of voyeur in my life, perchance to comment on it, you are welcome to, just as you are welcome to voice your opinions elsewhere. I do not censor myself and I will not censor you should you disagree with something I say. I delete no guestbook entries. Perhaps, if I can see your argument clearly and it is convincing enough, you may change my mind. I will have you know, however, that I am stubborn as can be and very set in my opinions, as they were arrived upon during the course of much life experience.