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1. I am 23.

2. I want to be 5.

3. My full first name is Demetria.

4. My parents werenít hippies, they just wanted to name me after a goddess.

5. I think that being named after the goddess of the harvest has contributed to my being a nurturer.

6. I grew up on Marthaís Vineyard.

7. I wasnít rich, so donít ask.

8. Primarily, I was raised by my mother.

9. I think my dad and rockin' stepmom are way better, though.

10. I moved out of her house the day before my senior year in high school.

11. She told me, ďI should have smothered you in your cradle.Ē

12. I called the cops and haven't spoken to her since.

13. Iíve been to France.

14. And Greece, where I got terribly ill.

15. I once spent the night with my best friend's fuckbuddy. Drunkenness is a curse sometimes.

16. I am not Greek, despite my name.

17. I am Italian and no less than eight other nationalities.

18. My genealogy is traceable to the Norman invasion in 1066.

19. I was a National Spelling Bee contestant.

20. I got out in the first round.

21. I was paralyzed from the waist down for a week when I was 12.

22. I never want to experience another spinal tap again.

23. I have a boyfriend of 3 years and I love him more every day.

24. We plan to be married someday, sooner rather than later.

25. Iíve never told my parents that we met on the Internet.

26. I probably never will.

27. I ran away to Wisconsin three days after Christmas 2000.

28. I drove for twenty-four hours straight.

29. And I had strep.

30. I was only supposed to stay for three weeks.

31. Iím still here.

32. I have a cat.

33. I named him Ghostcat.

34. My hair gets redder every year.

35. I donít dye it, either.

36. I sleep a lot.

37. I blame it on having had mono when I was 18.

38. I sleep naked, everywhere.

39. White noise and darkness are my somnolent companions.

40. I am a closet video game nerd.

41. I am an excellent cook.

42. I donít like raw tomatoes.

43. I do like anything else tomato-y.

44. I have a funny laugh.

45. I have a distinct yen for things that sparkle.

46. I donít know if I believe in God.

47. I donít think I do.

48. I donít drink very often.

49. I have a 16 year old half-brother.

50. I once lost 60 pounds in five months.

51. I starved myself.

52. And worked out a lot.

53. I didnít benefit from it and gained it back.

54. Iím happier with the weight than without it.

55. Iíve never had a cavity.

56. Or a broken bone.

57. I think paralysis makes up for that.

58. I was once told during a Tarot reading that I was done with my Karmic work.

59. For some reason, crap still happens to me.

60. I should be content with the world and myself by now.

61. I donít really like humanity.

62. Sometimes, I donít like myself.

63. I like to think Iím generally well adjusted.

64. I am the only person I know who has never had a pregnancy scare.

65. I do gets lots of stress-induced yeast infections, though.

66. I donít want a baby yet.

67. Iím smarter than the average hamster.

68. Johns-Hopkins recruited me for their Talented Youth program when I was in elementary school.

69. I was too poor to pay for it, but I still took the SATs in 7th grade.

70. I went to a shitty college.

71. I dropped out in my sophomore year.

72. I got tired of professors telling me I should test out of their classes.

73. I donít like to spend money.

74. I walk around stores picking things up and then decide that I donít need any of it.

75. I like childrenís costume ears.

76. I have one pair each of bunny, cat, and devil horns.

77. I sometimes dress up for sex.

78. I am fiercely protective of the people I love.

79. I have never been in a physical fight.

80. Snakes scare the bejesus out of me.

81. I used to work as a job coach for DD adults.

82. I quit because my boss was insane.

83. I will never do similar work again.

84. Even when Iím being paid, I donít like being abused.

85. I have trouble being sympathetic to addicts of anything.

86. Unfortunately, I am too much of a helper to let that keep me from trying.

87. I am a reluctant idealist.

88. I knit.

89. I donít put stock in astrology.

90. I am who I am regardless of the positioning of the cosmos at my time of birth.

91. I get wonderful compliments from people.

92. I try to avoid them because I donít think I deserve praise.

93. Children and animals take to me like scales on fish.

94. I have only ever received one speeding ticket.

95. I was doing 74 in a 55 and it cost me $126.

96. I pretty much listen to music constantly.

97. I have been to many a concert. So many that I can't even list all of them.

98. I have seen the house in which I was conceived. I was way weirded out.

99. I am a technology whore and possess the gadgets to prove it.

100. I like to use insults in which "ass" is the prefix. (e.g. ass gladiator, ass cobbler, asshat, etc.)